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    Laser Dentistry

    We now use a diode laser for many dental procedures formerly performed with a scalpel or curette. The benefits are many. With a laser, there is little or no bleeding during and after the procedure. More importantly, there is less discomfort following the procedure. The laser is useful for:

    • Frenectomy
    • Gingivectomy
    • Crown lengthening
    • Cosmetic gum sculpturing
    • Cold sore desensitization
    • Gingival curettage

    Gingival Curettage is an especially exciting new procedure which is another step toward treating the ravages of periodontal (gum & bone) infections. The gums are numbed without injections unless root debridement (scaling and root planing) is to be performed at the same time. The laser fiber is gently placed under the edge of the infected gum and moved from side to side to treat the entire inflamed lining of the un-attached gum.

    The purpose is two-fold. The laser beam denatures the protein of the inflamed lining tissue. At a slightly higher energy level the laser also kills bacteria within the pocket being treated. Laser curettage is not a substitute for gum surgery in cases of advanced gum disease, but in milder cases (and combined with meticulous home care procedures) may help you defeat the #1 cause of tooth loss: Periodontitis.