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General Dentistry from Pagosa Smiles.

Who is the medical professional that you visit the most frequently? The majority of people will say their family dentist. There’s a good reason for that; general dentistry is specifically focused on disease prevention. In fact, close to 65 percent of all dental operations are thought to be either preventative or diagnostic. General dentists assist people in preventing the progression of oral diseases by placing a significant emphasis on oral health and cleanliness. These eventually cause discomfort, missed work or school time, and are estimated to cost billions of dollars annually if left untreated.

People of all ages receive the majority of their dental care from general dentists. Your mouth (including your teeth, gums, and other tissues) will likely be thoroughly examined, a professional cleaning performed, and your dental (and overall) health will likely be discussed during a normal appointment to your family dentist. If an examination indicates dental decay, the afflicted tooth will likely also need to be filled. Although frequent, these procedures are by no means the only ones your general dentist offers.

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