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No Fear Dentistry – No Needle, No Drill, No Pain Dentistry

no pain dentistry

We believe that everyone deserves a life of pain free dental health and a beautiful smile. We have dedicated our lives to helping our patients achieve that goal. Our motto is “The art of dentistry: gently restoring the health that God created.”

New technology has given us another gift in the form of AIR ABRASION. This instrument allows us to gently remove decay in a very precise manner while preserving the majority of healthy tooth structure. For small cavities this means up to 10 times the amount of healthy tooth saved over the old “drill” and silver fillings. The cleaned cavity is then filled with a tooth colored composite.

The best part is that if the cavities are found early, before they get big, they can be painlessly filled without the annoying numbness we used to associate with dental fillings. The procedure feels like air being blown onto the tooth. In fact that is exactly what it is:  a stream of air carries a fine powder against the cavity which wears away the decay.

The important thing to remember is to get your teeth checked early and often (at least twice a year) so that cavities can be found when they are small enough for this revolutionary new procedure.